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AGFIP: Partnership with the Anambra State Government to light up Nigeria.

Website design for Anambra State Gas Fired IPP Company Limited.

Solving Nigeria’s Power Problem.

Anambra State Gas Fired IPP Company Ltd was incorporated in 2017 as a Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to drive the formidable power generation industry in Anambra State. With the huge investment AGFIP is aspiring to make in Nigeria, it will become one of the nation’s leading independent power companies.
With a vision as huge as this, they needed a competent hand to help communicate this vision. Adagba was called from a pool of agencies to help actualise this goal. Our professionalism and  attention to detail stood us out. We drew up the project milestone and delivered a functional website in less than a month.

Web Platform built on simplicity and clarity.

Out of the many contents and archival materials available to them, the first task was for us to sieve out the relevant content that will be featured on the website. In achieving this, we held meetings, phone calls and exchanged a total of 195 emails through out the duration of the project. This helped us understand their business and their target clients.
With that in place, we used a simple information architecture model to place priority on the contents. In all, we delivered a website that captures their vision and is an extension of their brand online. To ensure uniformity, we stuck with their brand colors and fonts, with light gray and black playing supporting roles for better aesthetics. 
As with all our websites, this loads incredibly fast and works well on mobile and laptop computers.

The beginning of a long lasting relationship.

After we were done delivering on the website, the chairman was in the country and demanded that we meet. We held meeting in our office where the chairman couldn’t hide his excitement and begin to initiate talks on other projects we should do together.
We currently manage and maintain the website and all digital technologies for their communication and project management.


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