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Botafrik – A Nigerian cosmetic company with a global appeal.

-Branding and UI/UX Design


Healthy skin care for all.

Botafrik is a cosmetic science and skin care company headquarted in Abuja, Nigeria. When they contacted us in 2017, the brief was straight to the point – the website. They needed to redesign their existing web platform to better communicate their vision and a blog system to constantly educate their target audience.
We observed that the logo was not in sync with their rebrand goals and moved for a redesign at no extra cost. The Botafrik team loved it, we were happy to have done extra more to make a client succeed.

An Identity that is bold and Intentional.

In crafting the identity, we removed the African map in the old logo since the brand is not limited to the African market  and introduced the leaf, representing the natural ways Botafrik source her products.
We used the green and dark shades of brown to represent growth and the rich soil on which her products are grown respectively.
We concluded the rebrand with a smart brand guide, a training session, and use cases for the logo. 

Simple website that inspires action.

After clearly understanding the goals for the website, layout and content flow was no longer an issue.
We designed an intuitive website based on a content management system. This is important for ease of maintenance and the blogging activities which will be one of the prominent feature on the website.
The final result is a clean website that loads fast, available 24/7 and is super responsive on all screen sizes across mobile, tablet  laptop and desktop computers.

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